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Too Many Photos?

In an interesting development, I’m over my quota for photos!
This message popped up on my account when I logged in recently: “Tip: You have uploaded 8 GB of files, exceeding your quota by 5 GB. Consider deleting some files to free up more space, or purchasing a space upgrade so you can upload more.”
As it turns out, a 10 GB upgrade costs 20 bucks PER YEAR! Yikes!  And I’m already at about 8GB of files… and the cap is at 3GB… so I would get upgraded to 13GB.  Or I could spend more money and get more space.
So, I’m a couple of entries behind, loyal readers, while I figure out what to do about this situation. I’d love to keep entertaining you with photos from my baseball journeys but I don’t really want to add X amount of bucks a year to my bills I have to pay… so… what to do?
I came up with a couple of ideas. Feel free to tell me what you think:
1. Go back through all my photos that I can and re-size them… I might be able to get back under the cap… but for how long? And that seems like it would be pretty time consuming.
2. Get a kickstarter campaign (or something similar) going… people donate a few bucks here and there so I can purchase an upgrade for my blog. Would anyone donate? I kind of hate to ask my readers for money–it seems kind of lame.
3. Move to a new blog… maybe a different MLBlog… or a different hosting site? I’d have to redirect my traffic… and may lose a lot of readers.
4. Continue blogging… but with no pictures. Would anyone be OK with that? This is fun for me–but it’s all about what keeps my blog visitors happy and returning for more.
Let me know if you’ve got other ideas, everyone. And thanks, as always, for reading.


Baseball Collector Photos

Hi, everyone!

It’s not baseball season.  That’s sad… but good ol’ Zack Hample asked for all the folks that read his blog and collect baseballs to send a photo of themselves with their collection.  I’m PHOTO #26.  I was one of the thirty-two people that responded and you can see his blog entry with all of us and our stuff here:


Mine is by no means the most impressive of the lot… it’s cool to see the different ways people display their baseballs as well as the people that have helmets, batting gloves, bats, etc.  Maybe someday I’ll snag a cool memento like that!

Thanks, Zack, for the chance to be featured on your site.

Here’s what’s up in the mind of Matt regarding baseball:  I’m going to get tickets to the World Baseball Classic when it’s at Dodger Stadium in March.  I’ll be going with Michelle, my fiancee, and my buddy, Josh.  Also, I hope to go to the Angels home opener this year on April 9th!  Other than that I’ve just been concentrating on school, my shows, wedding details, and occasionally checking to see the trades and deals that have and haven’t gone down.  I hope the Angels come away with some star this offseason…

Until next time…