Starting off 2016…

Hi, everybody. Yes, yes, I still check this blog every now and then… but it’s really only to tell you all to have fun this season – and to follow me on Twitter: @mattjackson999

You see – I can’t post any more photos – and I don’t really have time to blog any longer. I still love going to games and snagging baseballs… but I do it a bit less now that I’m a college professor and have an infant daughter. But, hey… I get some free time in the summers… and she’ll be old enough to tag along one day.

Until then… check in with my on (username: SonicMAJ) or on Twitter. And go have fun out there.

Oh… and, yes, I’ve made it out to a game. No BP – but I snagged two baseballs at the Angels/Rangers game in Anaheim on April 10th. Thanks for asking!


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