8/16/11 at Angel Stadium

Hi, readers.  Sorry to have been out of the loop for a while–I moved!  Now I’m back online and back in business!

August 16th’s game was exciting because Michelle and I would be meeting her uncle and cousin at this game and her uncle Joe has a business hookup for fancy seats at The Big A.  We’d have ticketed seats in section 125, behind the visiting team’s dugout, and these were seats that I normally had to sneak down to.  And the Halos would be facing division rivals, the Rangers.

We arrived at 4:30 and Michelle took a seat in the shade of the big hats outside the stadium while I waited in line.  At 5pm I ran inside and up to right field.  I didn’t find any baseballs in the seating area but I was really excited to be there.  Pennant races in late summer!  Woo!  After about thirty minutes of little to no action up in the pavilion seats Russell Branyan started pulling the ball my way.  I managed to make a clean catch of a BP homer off his bat, here:

And, as you can see below, it was a standard Selig ball:

It had a grass stain on one side and that was about it–sorry for the blurry photo.  That would be it for the Angels.  When the Rangers took the field I snagged a BP homer that landed in the seats to my right (in Section 239).  I gave that one away to a little kid who’d been trying really hard to get a ball on his own.

Baseball #345 in my lifetime came off the bat of lefty David Murphy.  I caught it on the fly in the fourth row of Section 238–near where I’d snagged the Branyan ball.  It was dirty, with black bat marks, grass stains, and reddish-brown warning track dirt all over it.  It was beautiful and I loved it.

I walked over to the Texas dugout before BP ended, past the ushers once I waved my ticket at them, and was here for the end of BP:

But I didn’t get a toss-up despite my ideal positioning.  By that time, Michelle and Joe and his son Joey had all taken their seats so I chatted with them for about twenty minutes until the Angels game out for pregame throwing.  I left my camera with Michelle and she managed to pick me out of the crowd and snapped the following photo:

Can you find me?

I got shut out over there AND shut out when Texas did their throwing because, well, Texas didn’t do any pregame throwing.  No matter.  I was thrilled to have a ticketed seat with this view:


And, unfortunately, Josh Hamilton hit a solo home run right after I took that photo.  And here he is at home plate, scoring the run:

And high-fiving:

It wasn’t a good night for the Angels, they did not do much high-fiving.  But it was a great night with family and they were GREAT seats.

And… I wasn’t done snagging baseballs, either.  Because Peter Bourjos got caught stealing second base to end the third inning and Elvis Andrus (who’d applied the tag) tossed me the ball as the Rangers ran off the field!  I was in Row N, near the aisle.  Seats start at Row C so I was in the twelfth row–it was a great throw!

The jumbotron told me there were 43,711 people at this game and I believe it.  The place looked pretty full.  And the Angels couldn’t win one for their hometown fans–they’d lose three of four to Texas in the series.

At least it was commemorative mug night:

And the three balls I kept.

This would be a week of three games… ooh!  More soon!


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