FanFest: Day 2

mattmichellemickey.JPGI was back at FanFest again at 9:00am after being there until 5:00pm the day before.  This time, however, my wife got to come with me.

We parked at the convention center lot this time (it cost us $12.00… which was exactly how much it cost me the day before to park two and a half blocks away) and were at the main entrance within two minutes.  Outside the box office was the Mickey statue you see on the right.  After our pic with Mic we headed inside.  We breezed through security.  Sadly, no mascots were there to greet us upon our arrival.  We’d see plenty of them later though.  We received our maps (and bags filled with advertisements) and headed into the experience.

The first thing we did was pass by the New Era exhibit I’d seen the day before so we could get a photo of the two of us in front of it:
mandmflag.JPGNext up we both did the gave saving catch thing, then went by the Rawlings exhibit again and looked at some memorabilia nearby.  Next up we got in line for a Fred Lynn autograph signing.  Did you know he’s the only player to hit a grand slam in an All-Star Game?  Well, he is.  I had him sign a card and Michelle got him on the shirt I’d brought the day before.

Next up: a Mark Langston signing.  Mark wasn’t originally scheduled to be there on this day so I was without any cards for him to sign… but I bought a ROMLB nearby and he signed it on the sweet spot while Michelle got him on the T-shirt.
langston auto.JPGThere was a Scott’s turf exhibit and we examined the different types of grass that are used for MLB stadiums.  Michelle was quite intrigued:
michelle with turf.JPGThen we headed over to the Reebok ad I’d seen the day before.  Look!  Me with Heath Bell:reebok ad matt head.JPG

Over at the diamond we watched the mascots of different teams participate in a home run derby:
mascot hrd.JPG

Note: only one ball actually cleared the fence.  I didn’t snag it… it was a spongy, faux baseball.

We grabbed some overpriced Chinese food after that to recharge our batteries for the rest of the day and then decided to try a couple of the interactive exhibits.
hitting activity.jpgWe’d spun a wheel earlier in the day that scored us a couple of front-of-the-line passes for exhibits.  Michelle didn’t care to use hers… she already knew her fastball was faster than mine.  Graciously, she let me have her pass so I could get to the front of the hitting cage line AND the fielding line!  Michelle, of course, accompanied me and took a few pictures along the way.

Here I am just after picking out my bat and helmet (left), and then getting ready to swing (right):
matt about to bat.JPG
matt in cage.JPGIt was tough to get a shot through the netting.  And it was over pretty quickly… the volunteers running the event were cycling people though really quickly.  Still, I had a good time… I wish I could have hit an actual baseball though… the ones they were using were, understandably, kid friendly… and squishy.

And here are a couple shots of me fielding:
matt fielding 2.JPGmatt fielding 3.JPGI enjoyed the fielding experience more than the hitting.  You only got five pitches in the cage… you got to field two baseballs at five different stations.

Later, we went to the Minor League Baseball cap wall and the stage over there because Chili Davis would be signing autographs.  While we waited in line, I checked out the PS3 truck, where you could play MLB 10 The Show.
ps3 truck.JPGNext door was MLB 2K10.  Meh.

Michelle and I received our autographs…
chili signing shirt.JPGAnd then went to see the Negro Leagues exhibit, more memorabilia, an auction booth, the MLB Network booth, and then we went shopping:
michelle shopping.JPGRemember in my last entry I said there was SO MUCH STUFF to buy?  Well, there was… and we bought some of it.  Check out these shoes:
allstar shoe 1.JPGallstar shoe 2.JPGWell… I didn’t buy those, don’t worry… they were kind of cool though.  The ones I really wanted were only available in kid’s sizes.  Lame.

Then we went to see… the trophies.

Tiffany & Co. presented all the trophies of Major League Baseball including the World Series trophy:
m and m and ws trophy.JPGI took photos of my favorites: the WBC trophy and one of A-Rod’s Silver Slugger Awards:
wbc trophy.JPGarod silver slugger.JPGI like the trophy–not necessarily that it belonged to A-Rod.

I encountered more mascots–then we headed over to the giant baseball:
matt michelle and wlb.JPGCan you tell who’s signed it?
sigs on wlb.JPGIt was getting to be late–there were a lot of lines–and before we left we scored more free baseball cards, I pretended to drive the All-Star Game Chevy:
driving the asg chevy.JPGAnd we went to the trading card booth and baseball cards made of ourselves.  Pretty funny… I’ll have you know my career average was just over .300.  And I was a slightly better hitter than Michelle (but as I mentioned before, she’s got the blazing fastball).

It was another awesome day.  Even though my feet were starting to hurt.



  1. yankeehater626

    I’m starting to miss the all star festivities…even though my feet are just now recovering. I got one of the balls from the mascot home run derby. I was disappointed, but I also snagged a cool all star softy ball during a fielding clinic later in the day

  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    WARREN – Yeah, it was like an epic, five-day party. I was glad to get to be a small part of it.

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