7/1/10 at Angel Stadium

I was running a little late to this, my last game before the All-Star festivities would start up, so imagine my surprise when I got to the Angel Stadium gates and saw this:
no one in line 7.1.JPGI’d end up being the first one in the gates at five o’clock and I headed straight up to the pavilion.

A few minutes after I got there I got Brian Stokes to toss a ball up to me.  It’s a good thing I was still pretty much the only person in the section because his throw was well to my right and hit the staircase between Section 240 and 239.  It bounced up a few steps and then right back down to me and I scooped it up with my non-glove hand.  Stokes has been on the DL with arm problems so I was glad he bothered to try a throw at all… so I won’t criticize him for having a noodle arm on this particular afternoon.

That would be the only ball I’d get from the Angels.  Once the Rangers started hitting I planned to move back up to the pavilion from where I had transitioned: right near the foul pole.  But for some reason I stuck around in the lower seats and it paid off.  Vladdy hit a ball that I could tell was lacing foul.  I bolted a section to my left before anyone else moved and ended up snagging the ball after one bounce off a seat as I was sprinting full speed.  Here’s a picture:
7.1 vladdy foul.JPGI started at the red circle, right at the wall and I snagged the Vladdy foul ball at the yellow circle, in about the third row.  It wasn’t a home run–but it was still a good feeling to get another ball from Guerrero.

After that I headed back up to the pavilion and, though there were quite a few bombs, I wasn’t able to snag a home run… sort of.  My third ball of the day was pretty run-of-the-mill… a toss from Neftali Feliz near center field.  But Ball #4 on the day was pretty unique.

I was standing on the staircase between Section 239 and 240 (where I’d retrieved the Stokes ball) and the Rangers’ David Murphy hit a shot to straightaway center field.  I could tell off the bat that it was gone but I also could tell that there was no chance to catch it.  Well, there was no chance that I could catch it.

I watched the ball sail toward the rocks in center… where there were two cameramen stationed, getting ready for the broadcast that night.  I thought the ball was going to smash into one of the cameras.  Right as the ball got there the cameraman closer to me reached up and caught the ball–bare-handed!  Well, sort of,  He had those fingerless gloves that lighting and rigging crews often wear.  Still… it was pretty impressive.

Here was the view from near where I was standing when he made the catch:
view from cameraman baseball.JPGSince I’d seen it, and since I like to congratulate a person on a great catch, I yelled out to the guy!  “Yeeeaaaahh!”  And I gave him a thumbs up and a nod.

He looked over and fired the ball across the batter’s eye–right to me!  I was kind of in shock.  Like, he didn’t hesitate or anything.  He caught the ball, heard me cheering for him, and made a spot-on throw right to me.  And I made the catch without having to move an inch… it was a good throw.  I was pretty excited about it–I mean, I’d never gotten a ball that way before.  I yelled out my thanks to the cameraman–he waved at me… and then got ready to move down to the dugout.

I had plans later in the evening so I was going to leave after BP.  I tried for a toss-up at the dugout as the Rangers headed in at 6:30 but got shut out.

That was it for my afternoon of snagging–I headed over to the left field gate and exited, but I made sure to reenter with my extra ticket so I could get an additional giveaway T-shirt… but as it turns out, the only size they had was extra large–way too big for me or Michelle to wear.  I will probably end up putting at least one of them on eBay…

I took a picture of the crowds heading in as I walked to my car:
7.1 crowd at left field gate.JPGFour baseballs and two T-shirts… and the next time I’d be at the stadium would be for the All-Star games… five consecutive days in Anaheim…

Thanks for reading!



  1. m_kemp_27

    Nice, I’m just itching to know if you got an All-Star Ball, man i really want one. To bad i’m not going to anymore games at angel stadium this year.

  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    M_KEMP_27 – No more Angel games this year?!? Aww, bummer… and you’ll just have to wait a little longer. I’ll have All-Star entries in the coming days, I promise.

  3. boblheader


    I’m a big Angels fan, but living in Utah makes it hard to got to many MLB games. I love reading your blog.

    Phill in Utah (@pjmorgan11 on Twitter)

  4. bloggingboutbaseball

    PHIL – But I bet you get out to a lot of Bees games, right? I’m glad you enjoy the blog, dude!

  5. boblheader

    We go to a few Bees games, but mostly we focus on the Angels’ rookie league team the Orem Owlz which is 5 minutes from my house.

    Phill in Utah

  6. bloggingboutbaseball

    PHILL – Two “L”s in your name. Got it this time. Cool, man. I’ve actually never been to a minor league game… though the Quakes are nearby… the Lake Elsinore Storm is close, too.

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