9/30/09 at Angel Stadium

Another great Fall evening with my wife at the stadium.  I was feeling great, and the Angels were going to the playoffs (and the Rangers weren’t) and I was excited to simply enjoy some quality baseball, relax, spend time with my lady… and of course try to snag a baseball!

Since the Angels would be primarily hitting from the right side on this day I started my pursuit in left field.  I ran into the stadium at five o’clock and took off for the seats in left.  I hung out here:
behind the bullpens.JPGBehind the bullpens, where I’d had moderate success in the past.  Unfortunately, on this day no Angels were hitting the ball far enough to reach me.  After the Angels headed off the field I ran down to the foul pole along the third base line.  After a few minutes of trying to catch an Ian Kinsler home run… and failing.  I called out to backup catcher Kevin Richardson.  “Hey, Kevin!” was all it took as I held my glove up.  I think he was probably delighted that someone actually knew who he was and he rewarded me with a throw from forty feet away, right over the heads of everyone clustered into the front row.  Groovy!

After that I headed back up to the bleachers in left for a minute… just hoping.  But, nope, no homers there so I ran around to the pavilion in right as a couple of lefties were taking their hacks: Chris Davis and Hank Blalock.  Surprisingly, they only hit a couple of baseballs into the seats and after they were done, nothing was coming out that way.

grilli.JPGI went down to the foul pole where Jason Grilli was fielding.

He’d been a pretty cool guy to talk to for the last couple days. He’s definitely a joker on the team… I asked him, “If I went to the upper deck would you throw me one?”  I’d seen him do that the other day… but he just laughed and shook his head.  Oh, well.  If you ever see this guy, start up a conversation with him.  He’s pretty funny.

As BP finished I met up with Michelle in the Terrace Level and we hung out, ate our food we’d brought, and took in the national anthem.  After the anthem I saw a couple of Rangers leave the dugout to play catch so I ran over.  Ian Kinsler was throwing with… someone… I can’t recall.  The important guy is Kinsler, though, because as he headed into the dugout he threw me his baseball (instead of taking it in with him like he’d done the day before).  Cool!

With two baseballs on the evening I decided I was satisfied with my snagging and Michelle and I headed up to the View Level.  Our seats were in the five hundreds… we sat in the four hundreds in a good foul ball spot… similar to where I’d caught my first foul ball back in August.  From up there I was still able to zoom in and get some cool photos:
aybar swing and miss.JPGfiggins baseball leg.JPGAnd I kept my glove on my hand, just in case.  Nothing came near us… but we had a good time taking in the action.  Matt Palmer pitched well, giving up just one hit in five great innings:
palmer pitches.JPGAfter that, the bullpen took over and no hit stuff for the rest of the game… literally.  The Rangers got one-hit and lost 5-0!  It was pretty cool!  In the eighth Michelle and I moved (away from some irritating little kids) behind the dugout on the Rangers’ side:
rangers warmup.JPGThere was hardly anyone there at that point and I took some more photos:
willits on first.JPG
young hits one.JPGmattmichelle1.jpgI figured that if the Rangers were going to throw anything into the crowd after the game I could get it… but they were in no mood.  I guess I’d be pretty upset, too, if I lost big time against mostly minor leaguers.  So, two baseballs on the night–another Angels win–a great night with my wife (and likely her last game of the season) and we had an usher take our photo as the crowds cleared after the game.

It’s really been nice going to as many games with Michelle as I have this season.  Not only is she learning more about the game, but we really get to spend a lot of quality time together–and have a great time cheering for our team.

I had one regular season game left though, a 3:05pm start the very next day…



  1. padreleigh

    Hey Matt…

    Ok, this is kind of random…….Why do you always tilt your head in every photo? Are you consciously doing it or did you take a modeling course? Haha. Way to not get shut out amigo. Are you going to do the playoffs at all?


  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    LEIGH – That IS kind of random. 🙂 Well, it’s not a conscious choice but I used to act so it must just be ingrained in me. And, yes, I AM going to the playoffs… for the first time in my life!

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