Thowbacks with Chuck Finley

So, before every Tuesday Angels home game AM 830 does an afternoon radio broadcast from a sports bar down the street from Angel Stadium.  It’s called Throwbacks and I’d never been there… before August 25th of 2009.

We showed up to a fairly crowded bar at about 3:20pm.  We had to grab random stools from the bar and take them to some empty counter space near the pool tables.  At about 3:50pm Rex Hudler, who hosts the show (Jeff Biggs is the normal host–Hudler does the special Tuesday shows) arrived to applause.  A minute later our food arrived… to applause… from the two of us.  We were starving!

Chips & salsa, a club sandwich for me, a chicken Caesar wrap for Michelle… and crinkle cut fries.  Everything was good.  The fries were great.

Just before 4:00pm a tall guy in a blue shirt walked through the door.  People started cheering… it was the man we all came to see, Chuck Finley.  Finley has more wins than any other Angels pitcher in franchise history with 165.  The crowd watched the interview between Hudler and Finley intently:
STA74663.JPGI also learned (during the broadcast) that he is the only pitcher in MLB history to–lemme make sure I get this right–strike out four batters in one inning three different times in his career.  Maybe I’m a stat geek but I thought that was cool.

Here’s “Fin” (mimicking holding a microphone) with Hudler at the broadcast table:
STA74660.JPGA line quickly formed… for autographs.  I was among those in line.  It only took a few minutes and I got Finley on a 1990 Score card.  He did it in black Sharpie… I went back later and got him twice, in blue, on Upper Deck cards from 1990 and 1995.  Sweet!

I posed with the cards for Michelle:
STA74664.JPGOh, and the cap I was wearing had been signed by Rex Hudler back on 9/11/08 before a game.

But wait… there’s more!  Finley was entertaining and the crowd was lively.  He told stories about driving a tractor growing up, how he was right-handed as a kid but his dad bought him a lefty glove… and he then went on to pitch left-handed but he plays golf and writes with his right hand.  At about 5:30pm they were going to do a “raffle” of some sort…

As it turns out, the broadcast team was giving away tickets to folks that had raffle tickets.  I had one, Michelle had one, and a guy that was just there for autographs had left early and given us his ticket.  What, I just hand you this ticket and you hand me two tickets?  What?!?  We ended up with 6 tickets to Friday’s game against Oakland and a bunch of coupons… plus a couple of Angels baseball cards.  Sweet!

And we had great food and a great time.  I’ll definitely be going back to Throwbacks!

STA74666.JPGI’ll be at Angel Stadium tomorrow and then again on Friday.  Monday I’ll be at PETCO and Wednesday I’m heading to Dodger Stadium.  WOO-HOO!



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