7/27/09 at Angel Stadium

How long’s it been since I’ve blogged?  AAGH

OK, so back in April I went to a game in Anaheim with my buddy, Randy.  During that trip I found out he was a big Indians fan and we determined that we’d go to a game (and take our significant others with us) when Cleaveland was in town in July.  July 27th was the day we’d chosen.  Since Randy and his girlfriend, Beth, were at work they agreed to meeting us after batting practice.  Michelle and I went to BP and, upon our arrival, I was allowed the first spot in line thanks to BP regular, Terry.  He told me he wanted me to get inside first and “beat Rob” out to the pavilion.  Rob and I are the two guys who always race out to right field and rarely find any Easter eggs…

Today, however, I was the first one out there… and I went immediately to the front row of the right field pavilion and saw the first Easter egg of my ballhawking career!  It had a nifty “scab” on it from where it must have hit the seats.  The top layer of the ball had been peeled back and stained dark green from the seats of Angel Stadium.  Pretty cool… if I remember later I’ll put a picture up.

Shortly thereafter I ran a section to my left, searched up and down the rows and then found Ball #2 on the day sitting on the ground under a seat.  The second Easter egg I’d found–EVER!  As soon as Michelle walked up to the pavilion, with Terry, I showed her the ball and gave it to her.

Then–after a fantastic start–I snagged no other baseballs all evening!  WHAT?!?

Two in two minutes and NOTHING for the rest of the day… not just the rest of BP… the rest of the day.  Yep, I was in the stadium for four more hours and couldn’t get another baseball anywhere!  BP was pretty lightly attended:
And yet, very few homers were hit… and I couldn’t get anyone to toss me a ball except Tony Sipp.  He fielded one near the wall and I called out for it.  I was the only one who knew his name.  He looked up, made eye contact with me, and fired it–

–it went five feet to my right… into the glove of a thirty-something dude.  I couldn’t reach far enough over.  ::sigh::

I went down to the foul pole for the latter part of BP.
DSCF3008.JPGI watched the pitchers warm up and got Winston Abreu to autograph my ticket stub.

BP ended and Michelle and I met up with Beth and Randy when they arrived.  We got some delicious grub from Beach Pit BBQ and headed up to our seats.

Almost every time I go to a game I get to see SOMETHING that I’ve never seen before.  Tonight was pretty significant.  After falling behind early, the Angels hit back to back to back home runs!  Three in a row–it was totally cool and I was glad to be there for that.

Here we have Erick Aybar diving back into first base:
DSCF3013.JPGThe Angels took a 6-4 lead into the ninth inning and turned the ball over to Brian Fuentes.  He promptly gave up four runs on four hits. and the Angels couldn’t come back against Kerry Wood in the bottom of the ninth.  Man, that was frustrating but Randy was super-thrilled!  His hometown boys won a game on the road for him so I had to be at least partially happy.

We all had a lot of fun (though I didn’t take many photos) and my baseball collection would be at eighty-three when I headed off to St. Louis…


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