5/25/09 at Angel Stadium

red white sox hat.jpgAh, Memorial Day… at the ballpark that translates to red hats for teams that normally don’t wear them.

And remembering those that fight for our freedom.

Those hats look dumb on any team that doesn’t have red in their uniform.  Just my opinion.

OK, so Michelle and I got to the stadium early and headed in to, hopefully, have a good BP.  On this particular trip I decided to head to left field instead of right.  Big mistake.  I had thought that, since the White Sox were sending John Danks, a lefty, to the mound that the Angels righties would be pounding the ball out my way.  Nope.  No homers anywhere near me!  A couple grounders along the wall but I couldn’t snag any of them.  And I very possibly overheard a conversation about some sort of banned substance intended for Ervin Santana.  Said Orlando Mercado, bullpen catcher for the Angels, to a fan he knew, “Yeah, call your brother.  Tell him we need that pill for Santana.  He was supposed to call me three days ago.  Tell him we need that stuff.”  Sketchy, right?  The fan then got on his cell phone and called his brother, supposedly, then told Mercado that it was all set up.  If Ervin Santana gets busted for anything this season, you heard it here first.

Anywho, I got nothin’ during the Angels portion of batting practice… but Michelle snapped this photo of my efforts:
STA74021.JPGThe kid in the SALMON jersey to my right would yell, “BALL!  BALL!  BALL!” at the top of his little lungs every time a baseball was anywhere near us.  The guy in the red asked him, “That ever work for you?”  Then he told him it would help to say”please.”  Good job, sir… all our ears thank you.

I told Michelle I was heading to the pavilion in left field for the White Sox… and I went, switching hats along the way.

I was gettin’ no love in left field and it wasn’t until about 15 minutes before BP ended that I snagged my first ball of the day.  By the way, Jim Thome put on a show!  I didn’t catch any of his homers but, boy, they were all monster shots!

No, my catch came off the bat of the always-loathed-in-Anaheim A.J. Pierzynski.  I was about five rows back from the wall and I really didn’t have to move much.  I took a step or two to my left and SMACK!  The ball found my glove… I was thankful.  I’d been worried about the shutout–and a homer had sailed over my outstretched glove two minutes prior.  Sadly, this would be the only ball I snagged all day.

5.25.09 at Angel Stadium 005.JPGA coach came by and picked up ALL of these and didn’t throw any of them to anyone.  He said, “You’ll get a ball… you’ll all get a ball… because we hit a lot of homers.”  Cocky… and, c’mon… really?  I think the White Sox are just stingy.  Bummer.

You know what else was a bummer?  The fact that the Angels lost the game 17-3.  You know what’s ridiculous?  The Angels only got four hits.  The White Sox got 24 hits and three of them were home runs (and not ALL of us got one, coach!).  And, by the way, the person who ended up with Thome’s homer THREW IT BACK!  And it was a lousy throw.  Now, normally I’m like, “Sure, a visiting player hit a homer, if you want to throw it–throw it.”  I wouldn’t do it.  I’d keep it.  Or, if I had caught this particular home run, I would have given it to Thome because it was the homer that put him ahead of Mike Schmidt on the All-Time Home Run List.  13th all time!  And this $chmuck (did you know MLBlogs won’t let you type *******?) just threw it back.  Well, it was collected and taken into the White Sox dugout where, I’ll assume, it was given to Thome.  Good for him.  I’d have asked for an autographed bat or something… but that’s just me.  Enough with the hypothetical…
5.25.09 at Angel Stadium 040.JPGThe reality was that my Halos were losing, badly, despite the return of Vladimir Guerrero to the lineup.  He went 0-for-4.  Man, tearing a pectoral muscle is something I NEVER want to do… geez.  By the end of the fifth it was 14-3.  And even though there were to be fireworks after the game… people left.  Like they do.  But I don’t… you never know when something like this will happen!
5.25.09 at Angel Stadium 031.JPG
Chris Getz went two for five.  I’ll always root for Chris Getz.  Why?  Well, I happened to be at the game, last year in Chicago, when he got his first major league hit.  So I’ve got a small connection to that guy.

Michelle and I moved from “our seats” up in the 400s to “our new seats” five rows behind the White Sox dugout.  Not too shabby.  I hoped for a foul ball (still never gotten one) or a third out toss… but I had no luck.  I’d never seen them lose by 14 runs before… hooray for new experiences… ?  We stayed until the end… and I was thinking I might get a ball or something from the dugout after the game.  No luck there.  Oh well…

At least there were fireworks.
5.25.09 at Angel Stadium 061.JPG5.25.09 at Angel Stadium 056.JPG1 baseball, 43,177 people.

A fun night with my lady.

Tons of pictures.




  1. padreleigh

    Nice job NOT getting shut out. I can’t believe they threw back Thome’s homer. Geeze.


  2. yankeehater626

    hey matt…

    im not gonna make it out until saturday, but ill be there sunday too…

    you gonna be there?

  3. bloggingboutbaseball

    LEIGH- The Thome homer-thrower-backer must not have known… I just don’t like it when people do things just because a crowd tells them to do it. Then again, maybe he didn’t care about getting to meet Thome.
    JULIA- I certainly would want the player to have the ball back but I’d like to give the ball to that player, ideally in exchange for some autographed memorabilia. THAT would mean a lot to me… just like the ball would mean a lot to him.
    JOHN- I read your blog, man. Really great news!
    YANKEE- Good luck this weekend and thanks!
    WELIKEROY- First, awesome screen name. Second, I hope you’re right about Vlad… and third, fireworks are cool no matter how many times I see ’em.
    TODD- MLB is just tryin’ to squeeze more pennies out of the wallets of all of us with these themed hats (Sept. 11th hats, camouflaged stuff, etc.). I, for one, think it is getting kind of ridiculous. “Buy this hat! The players totally wore them… for one game.”

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