5/2/09 at Dodger Stadium

If you read my blog regularly you probably know that Dodger Stadium is my least favorite stadium of ALL the stadiums I’ve ever been to.  There are ridiculous rules and segmented, separate levels and sections and the fans there can make or break the experience for anyone.  If you don’t read my blog regularly, shame on you… and NOW you know.

Also, I left my digital camera in my overnight bag at my friend Josh’s apartment.  Good thing my cell phone has a decent camera.

OK, so Josh (my friend from college who lives ten minutes from Elysian Park) and I left at about 4:30pm and headed to “Dodgertown,” as they now call it.  Whatever.  Surprise… we hit some traffic:
0502091639.jpgLuckily, the traffic cleared up and we were able to park near the stadium and walk up toward the entrance.  Here, a security guard (not a cop) who took his job too seriously yelled at us: “We don’t open ’til 5:10!”  OK… so we waited until 5:00… and we walked in.  Nobody stopped us.  We got to the Left Field Pavilion before the gates opened for BP.  Here was the crowd:
0502091707.jpgPretty promising, eh?  We played catch for, oh, two minutes and then a security guard (not a cop) in a golf cart came by and told us… and I quote:  “Guys, there’s no throwing here.  This is where people walk.”  Oh… sorry, I can’t play catch at this baseball stadium.  Stupid Dodger Stadium.

So we went in… I did not find any Easter Eggs.  And I think three baseballs made it into the stands during all of Dodgers BP.  Here’s my view:
0502091716.jpgI was a bit worried I’d get shut out but things were looking up because I changed into my Padres ensemble.  I had the hat, I had the jersey, I had Chase Headley in front of my shagging baseballs.  Eventually I got his attention and pointed to the Padres logo across my chest.  He said, “Yeah!  I like that.” And he grinned.  The next baseball he fielded got tossed right to me.  Two sections over I got shunned by Walter Silva and Heath Bell (maybe I should’ve mentioned Zack Hample’s name).  Batting practice ended after that and I had one baseball and a Loge level ticket.  No chance to get down near the dugouts… but maybe I’d end up with a foul ball.  Before the game started Josh and I went to our actual seats (and I took this picture a bit later):
0502091913.jpgThen I watched Chris Young (the Pads’ starting pitcher) warm up…
0502091853a.jpgAnd I failed to get a ball tossed up to me by anyone.  After a few innings we decided to get better seats.  So we did:
And we stayed here for the rest of the game… which went into extras.    I was hoping for a foul ball but nothing came near us.  Bummer.  Still a good game though.  The Padres got a run in the first, the Dodgers got one in the third.  That was it until the 10th… and the Padres only managed three hits (Chis Young pitched well) and Andre Eithier ended it with a smash into right field and sent the fans home happy.  I have to admit that I was kind of hoping the Padres would win.  They didn’t.  The Dodgers are now 9-0 at home this season and, quite frankly, are pretty much a lock to take the division.  I’m guessing they’ll win it by fifteen games.  Just wait.

One ball, a crowd of 47,680.  Chase Headley = my new favorite Padre.

By the way, people talk about the charm of Dodger Stadium.  I’d like to say:  I don’t see it.  It’s an ugly park.  Want proof?  Here’s a photo of a leaky, weird crack in some metal right in the middle of the pavilion… right at the bottom of those staircases… right in a walkway.  It was dripping gross water into a big garbage can.  Yuck.


  1. bloggingboutbaseball

    ERIK – Right. Any day that’s not a shutout is a good day!
    JULIA – Chase is a great player and a cool dude in my book.

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