Spring is Nearly Sprung

In two days it will officially be Spring.  In two days Winter will be gone and with it, the lack of baseball that’s left my evenings far too free for six months.  Sure, Spring Training’s underway… and the Angels have a 15-4 record!  I don’t put a lot of stock in Spring Training records but I am way more excited that they’re 15-4 rather than 4-15.  Right?

Two days until Spring!  And then just a couple of weeks until Opening Day!  I’ve already been approached by a few people that want to go to games… I’m all for it!  I hope to go to two or three in the first week or so of the season.  And, of course, the WBC is still going.  Team USA’s win last night was incredible!  Just a great baseball game regardless of who you are–WOW!  I’m really looking forward to an energetic crowd when I’m at Dodger Stadium this weekend.  My goal is to come away with at least one World Baseball Classic ball.  I’ve already read a couple of blogs/comments that say that folks have gotten them…
wbc ball.jpg

Two days ’til Spring… then… baseball takes over.  March Madness is OK… basketball is fine, pro or collegiate.  I just never really got into it.  Hockey–whatever–I’m not from anywhere north.  Soon, six months of baseball!



  1. yankeehater626

    i grabbed 9 of those in all

    3 at each wbc game in LA

    the US did something strange. They put a black line across the logo and the sweet spot

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