New Acquisitions

So, two exciting things happened this week in the world of Matt and baseball.

1.  Who’d the Angels sign?

This guy.
bobby abreu.jpgYep, Bobby Abreu’s an Angel, at least for this season.  Why is this a good deal for the Angels?  Well, as much as I liked Garret Anderson (and I really did–and do like him), it was going to cost us $14 million dollars just to keep him around and we got Abreu for about $9 million less than that.  Abreu’s two years younger than Anderson and he has played in at least 150 games each season for the last ten years.  So, he’s durable and should remain so because he’ll be splitting DH time with Vladdy, Mike Napoli (maybe), and Juan Rivera.  I’m projecting seventeen homers and 100 RBIs for Bobby, which is about what G.A. would’ve given us.  Also, he’s a career .300 hitter and he’s got a one-year deal which means he’s playing for a 2010 contract that he really wants to get… so he’ll go all out every day.  Welcome aboard, Bobby, now just stay healthy.

And the next exciting thing?

2. My WBC tickets arrived!

I came home last night and my roommate said there was a package for me on the table… it was from Elysian Park Ave.  Thrilling?  Yes!  I tore open the cardboard and…
IMGP2447 edited.jpgOoh.  Pretty.  I love specialty tickets.  C’mon, March–get here soon!
I’ll be attending one game with Michelle and one game with my buddy, Josh, who you may remember from this entry back in September of last year.  The third game will probably be a chance for Josh to take his brother to a game… assuming he pays me for the tickets.

I’m all jazzed about the start of the season… and there are still a few pieces to the MLB puzzle to connect:  ManRam, where’s he going?  How will fans treat A-Roid this year?  And when on earth will my cable company here at UCI provide me with MLB Network?!?  C’mon, guys!


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