Hurry Up, ’09 Season

My favorite part about the week after the Super Bowl is that people start talking about baseball again.  ESPN’s coverage turns from the gridiron to the diamond.  We talk of free agents, sluggers, OPS, ERA, RBIs, and Ks.  The weather gets slightly less cold (but what do I know, living in southern California?) and I start hearing,”X days until pitchers and catchers report.”  Oh, man, it is exciting!

Last year was a great baseball year.  This year has a lot to offer.  The Yankees and Mets have new stadiums.  This will be the first full year that umps review home run calls.  There are a lot of rookies that are just waiting to break out and there are a lot of veterans that have ended up in (or will end up in) new ballparks.  Oh, and don’t forget about milestones, Web Gems, building your collections of memorabilia, and calling your buddies to ask ’em if they just saw that double play.

The Angels play their home opener on April 6th.  I won’t be there… too expensive.  I may go on the 7th and I may go to an exhibition game against the Padres on the 4th.  The WBC is coming… YES!  And.  There.  Are.  Only.  Six.  Days.  Until.  Pitchers.  And.  Catchers.  Report.



  1. juliasrants

    The new baseball season renews us all! Fresh starts, old faces, new bright-eyed rookies, and all the teams are in FIRST PLACE! Oh – about it being “slightly less cold”? I live in Massachusetts. As I write this my thermometer is reading 2 degrees. Please Spring – hurry up and get here!


  2. raysrenegade

    I can see why you want the year to start so fast. You guys have the makings of taking another division title , but it might be a bit closer in 2009.

    Fuentes will make everyone forget about K-Rod by the All-Star break. A leftie who can close games is huge. And I think Fuentes is a John Rocker without the mouth..he will rock and sock and sit them down for you.

    And Figgins is just getting better every year. Got to love the style of ball Mike S has the boys playing.

    Rays Renegade

  3. Jane Heller

    Congrats to the Angels on signing Bobby Abreu. I’ll miss him on the Yankees. He’ll fit perfectly in your clubhouse and in your lineup, which should make the Angels that much more formidable! You guys have the Yankees’ number, big time.

  4. denyankfan

    Amen, get the season started already. I can’t wait for some more good Angels/Yanks games this season. I might try and fly out for the series in July between the two. Got any good suggestions for where to sit? Its time to put all this steroid garbage behind us and hit the diamond. Only a week or so until the first spring training games. Play Ball!!!

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