Fan Packs

At the beginning of September 2008, after reading about Fan
Packs on another baseball blog, I decided to send a letter to each of the 30 MLB
teams.  The letters were polite, sincere,
and I asked for any leftover giveaway items, or just a letter back.  I hoped that, if nothing else, the 30 teams I
sent letters to would respond.  Here’s
what has been sent to me in the last three months:

September 10

Orioles – form letter, 2 pocket schedules, 2 player cards, 1
autographed card from the Orioles bird, stickers, Camden Yards postcard

September 11

Athletics – history of the team, 1 player card, pocket

Cubs – Wrigley field history, “how to get autographs”
letter, 2 pocket schedules, full roster list, sticker, 2 order forms

September 12

sexon auto.jpg

Mariners – 2 sticker sheets, decal, 2 pocket schedules, Ritchie Sexson autographed card, activity
sheet, form letter/brochure

Phillies – 7 player cards (including 1 faux Jimmy Rollins
autograph), pocket schedule, “tips for young ballplayers” guide

Indians – Cliff Lee
autographed player card, 2 activity/coloring sheets, copy of Little League
Magazine (Summer 2008)

Rays – sticker, decal, pocket schedule, Rays baseball camp

September 13

Rangers – five-piece stationary set, cloth logo (large), Jr.
Rangers wristband, 3 logo stickers, 4 player cards (including faux Hank Blalock
and faux Michael Young autographs), Kevin
Millwood autographed player card

millwood auto_0001.jpg

September 16

White Sox – form letter, 2 order forms, 2 pocket schedules, 1
sticker, Sox kids club brochure, sausage magnet

September 17

Brewers – set of 3 baseball cards (random), Jason Kendall
promo card, Robin Yount promo card, pocket schedule, 2 player cards

September 20

Twins – official merchandise catalog, new ballpark poster, 5
player cards, kids club brochures, team photo, Justin Morneau (reading) poster

September 22

Tigers – form letter, fact sheet, 2 pocket schedules

For a while, nothing else came.  I opened my mailbox and saw coupons, bills,
and the occasional letter or card from someone I knew… but it seemed that no
one else in Major League Baseball was going to reach out to me.  Then, my hope was renewed on:

October 18

Red Sox – 2008 Red Sox wall calendar, Red Sox keychain,
personalized card from the Red Sox, 2 pocket schedules

billy marlin.jpg

Marlins – set of 5 Marlins baseball cards, pocket schedule,
bookmark, temporary tattoo, a Cornerstones for Kids sticker, 1 player sticker,
license plate advertisement, 2 player cards, 2008 Marlins roster, autographed
photo of Billy the Marlin

October 22

Yankees – Yankee Stadium magnet, Yankee Stadium keychain,
Yankee Stadium virtual tour DVD

And that’s it… so far.  All I have to say is, “What’s up, other MLB teams?  Nothing?  I am sorely disappointed in you.”  Anywho, feel free to give it a try for yourself… The teams that did respond (thank you) actually sent some cool stuff!  I am steadily adding to my baseball collection in the offseason.  Soon, I’ll blog about some autograph requests I sent out.  Enjoy the chilly days of Winter!  Las Vegas will certainly give all us baseball fans a lot to talk about for the next few months.

Oh, and lastly, I just bought my tickets to the WBC at Dodger Stadium in March!  I went in 2006 when it was at Angel Stadium and, let me tell you, the energy is fantastic!

UPDATE: Just before the Winter Meetings the Dodgers came through with a pretty substantial Fan Pack:

December 8

Dodgers – personalized letter, Dodgers hat, two packs of baseball cards, four Dodger player cards, Dodgers poster, September issue of Dodgers magazine, Jackie Robinson poster, Dodgers rally towel

UPDATE AGAIN: The Padres just sent me a package… it’s 2009 now.  Better late than never–pretty cool stuff, too!

January 27 (2009!)

Padres – Teamwork in the Community pamphlet, set
of DAV Padres baseball cards, 2008-09 Padres wall calendar, Adrian
Gonzalez mesh jersey

AND the Pirates:

February 2

Pirates – PNC Park tour brochure, pocket schedule, 9 player cards 

UPDATE AGAIN: Out of the blue, in June, I got a couple more packs.  Forgive me; they came shortly after the wedding and I saw them and simply didn’t blog about them.

June 14

Mets – Carlos Beltran player card, brochure, sticker

June 24

Giants – activity and coloring pages, form letter, pocket schedule



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