9/27/08 at Angel Stadium

Sorry this entry has come so late, but school has begun.  ::sigh::  And that means my attention is divided.  You may remember from a previous entry (9/13/08 at Angel Stadium) that I got “two free tickets (lousy tickets, but free) to the Angels/Rangers game on the 27th.”  Well, as it turned out, Michelle and I wrapped up our school stuff at about 6pm that day and we decided to head to the stadium.  We grabbed some food and headed off to the Big A… one last game this season.  We didn’t get there early, or even on time.  We didn’t care, it was time together and time to not think about school stuff.

Our seats were in Section 537, Row M… way up there.
Angels Game 09.27.08 003.jpgI said they were lousy.
But we didn’t ever get to them.
Angels Game 09.27.08 004.jpgWe found some seats in the lower view level (we arrived in the third inning) and sat down to enjoy our dinner.  Mmm… teriyaki chicken bowls!  It was already 4-1 Texas by the time we arrived, but for me this game wasn’t about winning.  This game was an escape.  A relaxed, fun time with my fiancee, and a pleasant Fall evening in SoCal.  Mellow, in a word.

The game was never very close.  The Rangers ended up winning it, 8-4.  Of course, by the end of the game I had convinced Michelle to sneak down to the Field level with me.  I figured I had a shot to get a ball.
Angels Game 09.27.08 008.jpgI was right behind the Rangers dugout for the bottom of the ninth.  Bobby Wilson got his first RBI of the season on a groundout.  That would be it for the scoring.  All that had to happen:  another Angels groundout.  I was sure I could get Hank Blalock to toss me the ball (I was the only guy with a Rangers hat on).  Unfortunately, the final out was a strikeout and I was on the wrong end of the dugout.  No worries… as I often do at any ball game… I had fun!

The playoffs are underway.  This is the best time of the baseball season–go ANGELS!


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