Goodbye to Yankee Stadium

Tonight it became official.  There will never be another baseball game played at Yankee Stadium.  I have never been a Yankees fan but I feel like something great is disappearing.  It seemed inevitable that the Yankees wouldn’t make the postseason due to the lineup-and-pitching-staff-altering injuries they suffered throughout the year, but as the Red Sox defeated the Indians tonight at Fenway, it actually happened.  For the first time in the 14-year career of Derek Jeter, his Yankees, New York’s Yankees, will not be playing baseball in October.  Certainly, many people wanted the Yanks to make it… to extend their legacy… but it wasn’t in the cards.  Luckliy, there was a tremendous spectacle made of their final regular season game.  It took place against the Baltimore Orioles on the twenty-first of September this year.  The Yankees won, 7-3.  It was a great way to go out… but it wasn’t what they wanted.  They wanted a World Series… well, too bad.  Their money and their new stadium will get ’em one of those someday.  For now, my Angels are heading to October!

Speaking of the Angels… I had the privilege to attend a game at Yankee Stadium once–the Angels played the Yankees.  I am pleased to say that I got to visit that grand stage in July of 2005 while on vacation with Michelle.  It was a special trip for many reasons, but Yankee Stadium surely was one of them.  Michelle and I had less-than-stellar seats, and I didn’t get to wear any Angels gear for fear of being shanked.  But it was a great baseball atmosphere and I am glad I got be a small part of the history of that cathedral.

A look back…
New York 093.jpgThe first thing we did when we arrived was find our seats. Above, there’s the view from ’em… not too shabby, but not great.  Michelle and I were simply thrilled to be there.

The Angels were taking batting practice so I wanted to get close to the field and maybe snag a ball.  Mind you, this was before I knew any tips and/or tricks… so I came up empty-handed.  Still, I got to get close enough to some of the players to hear them talking about that night’s game.  And I got a great perspective… look at the stadium.  It’ll be gone by next season.  Kind of makes ya sad, huh?

New York 094.jpg
New York 096.jpg

After batting practice we headed back up to our nosebleed seats to enjoy the game… we looked around, of course, but I was there to see baseball.  It was a great game and we had a lot of fun.

Here you can see the scoreboard and the classic facade that was a defining piece of art within Yankee Stadium.

New York 101.jpg

The Angels up to bat against the Yanks… complete with foul pole:
New York 108.jpg Michelle and the stadium:                                           Michelle and I enjoying the game:

New York 110.jpgNew York 109.jpg

The Angels beat the Yankees 4-1 that night!  It was the only game of that series they won and Michelle and I were glad to get to see them win on the road.
New York 118.jpgIt is, and will always be a part of baseball history.  Yankee Stadium.  It was great to experience a day there and truly added something to special to an already fantastic vacation.
New York 120.jpgGoodbye, Yankee Stadium.


One comment

  1. thet206kid

    Although i am not a yankee fan, i will miss the stadium, not only the history but tickets will be more expensive at the new park lol. i am just glad i got to go to a few games during the final season and went on the tour and took dirt from the warning track

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