9/12/08 at Angel Stadium

This will be a shorter entry, I think, as I am tired and have another game to go to tomorrow.  I’ll just get this out of the way.  I DID NOT snag a baseball tonight at the game.  I know, I know, tears and heartache.  You know what?  I still had a great time!  First off, I got to attend this game with my fiancee, Michelle.  This was the last game we’d get to see together until next season… school’s starting up soon (we’re both grad students at UC Irvine).  Secondly, I got an autograph.  Not from a player, but from a pretty important figure in the Angels organization.  Third, the Angels won in dramatic fashion.  Fourth, there were fireworks!  Woo!

Here we go.
Angels Game 09.12.08 001.jpgMichelle and I got there at about 4:35 and waited for the gates to open.  Outside the stadium I saw John (aka
Angels Game 09.12.08 003.jpg

At 5:05 we were all off to the races.  It was a strangely cloudy afternoon and pretty humid for SoCal.  Plus, there were two lefties as the starting pitchers (I didn’t know that before the game, I should’ve checked).  So, while Ichiro hit bombs into right, like always, not much else came to the right field seats.  It was a day of close calls.  I almost caught this and that.  A lot of the players had coverups on.  While I could recognize the Angels easily, I couldn’t really identify many of the Mariners.  I got a big zero for BP.  Sad day.  Oh, well.  I headed down to the third base line, then the dugout, trying to get a player to toss one.  Just as Yuniesky Betancourt and Bryan LaHair finished playing catch, an usher asked me to “return to my seat.”  Bummer… another close call.  Betancourt threw the ball right where I’d been.  It would’ve been cool to get two in two days from him.  I snapped this picture, though, right before the national anthem:
Angels Game 09.12.08 016.jpg
Angels Game 09.12.08 034.jpg

The game was tight and ended up being tied 3-3 in the ninth.  No chance for K-Rod to get a save… a few people left, but not many, as there were fireworks after the game.  The good news:  Mike Napoli crushed a two-run shot in the bottom of the ninth to win it!  The bad news… no extra innings (aka FREE BASEBALL).  The Angels celebrated on the field and then headed in before the postgame festivities.

Michelle and I moved closer to the Angels dugout to get a better view of the Big Bang Friday fireworks.  They were great!  Who doesn’t love a free fireworks show?  A cool end to a cool (and relatively chilly) night in Anaheim.

I’ll be at both Saturday and Sunday’s games!  My last two of the regular season…Angels Game 09.12.08 066.jpg

In case you couldn’t guess… the autograph was from Arte Moreno, owner of the Angels.



  1. babypaul

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Angel Stadium looks like a great ballpark (to go along with an impressive team). I’ll add it to the list of places for Mom and Dad to take me next season. Keep up the great work!

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