Field of Dreams

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a week or two.  As you may know, I was on a trip through Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan not too long ago with my fiancee, Michelle.  Well, during our visit to Iowa City, IA to see our friend, Helen, we took a trip 90-some miles north.  We went to a town called Dyersville.
It’s a small town and there is really only one thing worth noting about this town.  It is the town where Field of Dreams was filmed.  Before a random Stumble I would have never known anything about Dyersville.  One day, about a month or two before our trip, I was informed of a place that I knew I would HAVE to visit.  The Field of Dreams Movie Site is, indeed, still in existence and still kept up as a beautiful baseball field in the middle of acres and acres of corn.  The farmhouse is still there, the bleachers are still there, the field is still there and if you are ever in Iowa and you care at all about baseball I recommend that you take a trip to see this piece of movie/sports history.
We rounded a bend in the road and I saw it.  There is a bright sign welcoming visitors to this little piece of baseball bliss.
STA72911b.jpgI stepped out of the rental car (Helen and Michelle were slightly less excited) and I felt drawn to the green grass.  The sky was a pristine blue, families of all sorts were hitting to each other, playing catch, or just wandering the field.  I had wondered if the experience of going to this field would be worth the drive, worth the time… I had no doubt once I saw it.
STA72874b.jpgI wondered if there was a protocol.  Were there rules?  Guidelines?  I stepped onto the infield grass as a father tossed a ball to his son.  The right side of the infield was open.  “I’ll get second,” I said as I jogged to my new, self-proclaimed position.
I realized that there was no agenda at this time and place.  Aloof, carefree, relaxed.  These were the words that described the setting.  By this time the girls had begun to drift around the outfield where the manicured grass ended at the foot of cornstalks taller than the two of them.
Thumbnail image for STA72898b.jpg
After a while I offered to shag baseballs for a family in the outfield… later they decided to hit some from the infield.  The father of that group offered to let me hit.  Michelle and Helen took some shots of me trying to “hit one to the corn.”

Well, I didn’t.
STA72889b.jpg I smacked a couple of doubles into the gap in left-center though.  I never had really been much of a power threat.  It didn’t matter.  I was in a very happy and beautiful place physically and mentally.

There is a souvenir shop at the site.  I bought a shirt and a Field of Dreams baseball.  It’s the only revenue they get from the field, as there is no admittance fee.  Also, I made sure to walk around the field entirely… and sit on the bleachers.  The seats on the first base side have a heart carved in them.  The engraving is crude but it reads:


If you don’t know the movie then that won’t make sense.

I’ll end this entry by saying that the trip was more than worth it… and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to Dyersville, IA.  But that afternoon was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in a long time.  Now that you know about it, make the trip if you can.  “Is this heaven?”  “No, it’s Iowa.”  Well… it comes close.
STA72905b.jpgEnjoy Labor Day, everyone!  I’m planning to be at the Dodgers-Padres game on Sept. 2nd in L.A. and then the Padres-Dodgers game on the 8th or 9th down in San Diego.  I’ll be seeing my (most likely) last games of the year at Angel Stadium when the Halos play against Seattle on Sept. 11th through 14th.  Wish me luck!


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