A New Blog

So, here I am.  I have determined that I know enough about baseball and think enough about baseball that I am qualified to ask people to read my thoughts about baseball.  Yes, my blog has the name that my favorite now uses, translated from Spanish to English.  I hate that name.
Shakespeare… or someone that wrote stuff… said, “What’s in a name?”  Hmm, yes that was Shakespeare… Romeo and Juliet.  Got it.  Anyway… I spent a while coming up with a name and realized it didn’t really matter.  I could call my blog Elephant Dishwashing and you’d read it if it was interesting enough or if you were bored enough or any combination of the two.
As of starting this blog, here are some stats about me:
I’m 25 years old.
I am engaged to be married to a fantastic woman.
I enjoy theatre, video games, sports, and I like dessert.

The Angels are my favorite pro team and have been since I started going to games in 1990.
I have obtained 9 baseballs from professional games, used by professional players.  All but 1 have come to me during BP.  That sole game ball–from Jay Payton in 2007 (he threw it to me on his way into the dugout) at my first trip to Camden Yards.
I caught my first ball at age 21.  I have never caught a foul ball.
I have visited 10 different professional baseball stadiums… two of those no longer exist (both in Texas).
I am a fan of Zack Hample.
You will be updated on what I think of baseball happenings.  I will write about games I go to… I went to one recently.  My next blog will be about it.


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